Struggle to get documentary on Hong Kong’s 1967 riots on screen

South China Morning Post    7 January, 2017    Reporter: Joyce Ng, Jeffie Lam

…One of the highlights is the notes of Ng Tik-chow, a senior communist leader in Hong Kong between 1950 and 1962, who worked under then Chinese premier Zhou Enlai on Hong Kong policies during the riots.

Lo managed to get Ng’s daughter, Ng Fai, who kept the original copy of her father’s notes from the time, to talk in front of the camera.

One page of the notes showed that state enterprise China Resources Company had hatched a dangerous plan, asking the ministry of foreign trade, “in order to potently support our struggle”, to “supply 700 dozen sugar cane swords as soon as possible”.

Ng, who learnt this from the ministry of foreign trade, put a note next to it: “I ordered [the swords] to be stopped right in Shenzhen”.

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